Our Story

Welcome to our new web-page Streetfiberglass.com. 

We are a small business which began as a car restoration shop that has been active for over 35 years.  We concentrate on the classics from the 1960's and older, we love what we do and our customers do as well.  We are the fiberglass division of Street Toys & Hot Rods.  You can see and follow our work at Street Toys & Hot Rods also on facebook, #streettoysjesse, instagram, twitter, etc.  Since older car parts can be scarce we began the process of creating our own needed parts made of fiberglass that we use in some of our restored vehicles.  We now have several molds for these items and began producing these replicas offering them to car enthusiasts via Ebay since 2007; these are available for anyone willing to work on their own projects.  It does take some knowledge but with some excitement and determination you should be able to get your classics back on the road with original replicas of center consoles, hot rod accessories, mustang accessories, chevy accessories and up to including corvette accessories.  Visit our new website for items available at streetfiberglass.com.

Contact us if you have any questions at lupeintexas@gmail.com